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Complete Installer SpiderMan V3.0
Released on18 June, 2011
*v3.0 test version 2
Update news:
LG Boot bug fix
SpiderMan_V3.0 Test2 http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/HDXHYJTK /SpiderMan_v3.0_test2.msi_links

Released on15 June, 2011
*v3.0 test version
1. LG(infineon serial) phone
Full Flash Read/Write
Eeprom backup/restore
Arround 100 modules supported
2. MStar 8533xx 8535
Full NOR Flash Read/Write
Full NAND Flash Read
Mstar IMEI change by AT mode
Anlysis code from flash file
3. MTK update the boot to V3.1028
Support more NOR and Nand flash
4. Spreadtrum NAND flash split bug fixed
LG Support Model:
GB230, GB250, GB250F, GB250G, GB255,GB258,GB280,GC900,GD310
GD350,GD510, GD510GO, GD510N, GD900,GM310, GM360, GM360GO
GS101,GS101A,GS101GO,GS102,GS102GO, GS105, GS105GO,GS106
GS290,GS290N,GS290NGO,GS390,GS390GO,GS500, GS500F,GS500G
GS500GO, GS500V ,GT350, GT360, GT365, GT370, GU200, GU200A
SpiderMan_V3.0 Test  http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/R3CCD8CE/SpiderMan_V3.0_Test.msi_links

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.70
Released on 26 Jan, 2011
1.Spreadtrum improved.
2.Some bug fix,Complete 2.70 version.
SpiderMan_V2.70  http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/1GYJLPXY/SpiderMan_V2.70.rar_links
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.70
Released on 16 Jan, 2011
1.SpreadTrum 3_types_password easy be found
2.Spreadtrum support the new flash
  M36L0T70x0T3 CFEON_EN71GL128B0
  PF38F3040L0YUQ3 s71ws128pc0hf3sr
  S71PL127N K5L2731CAM K5L6331CAA
  TSB_TV00570002 TSB_TV00560002
  TSB_TV00560003 k5l2833ata_af66
  m36l0r7050u3 m36l0r7050l3
  m36l0r7050t4zaq m36l0r7050b4zaq
  k5n2833atm k5n2833abm
  k5l6433atm k5l6433abm
3.Change the way for search Spreadtrum pins
-->This just test version.complete coming soon
SpiderMan_V2.70_Test  http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/SF7NJXLI/SpiderMan_V2.70_Test.msi_links
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.69
Released on 02 Jan, 2011
1.Added MTK6253 new version file decrypt
2.Speadtrum support NAND_HY27XA081G1M.
SpiderMan_V2.69  http://www.mirrorcreator.com/files/RHTK4E6Q/SpiderMan_V2.69.rar_links
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.68
Released on 28 Oct, 2010
1. Fix bootloader for MTK6253.
2. Fix Spread imei direct rebuild bugs
Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/users/VS60CU/
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.67
Released on 29 Sep, 2010
1. Speadtrum imei directly rebuild in test mode
2. Speardtrum add new flash support K5N2833ATB
3. Speardtrum USB driver update.pls reinstall
Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/users/VS60CU/
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.66
Released on 22 July, 2010
1. MTK_new Bootloader v3.1016 supported.more flash
IC supported.
2. Fixed mtk decrypted bug
3. Infineon Unlock and Imei build tested!
SpiderMan_V2.66  Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/files/408338704/SpiderMan_V2.66.rar
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.65
Released on 26th May, 2010
1. Support new NOR flash memories:
2. Support new NAND flash memories:
3. META boot improved
SpiderMan_V2.65  Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/users/3NRQ7B
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.64
Released on 18th April, 2010
The Box which serial number more than 9xxxx just be supported!
SpiderMan_V2.64  Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/users/3NRQ7B
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.63
Released on 18th March, 2010
a.MTK6253 CPU added!
b.Spreadtrum 8800H/S/D CPU supported(Comport+NAND flash)
c.MTK TouchScreen Calibration pass improved
SpiderMan_V2.63  Official SpiderMan Rapidshare Mirrors: http://rapidshare.com/users/3NRQ7B
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.62
Released on 5th February, 2010
a.MTK_NewVersion NAND flashfile decomposer improved
b.MTK Add Skiping TouchScreen Calibration step
(when Touchscreen damaged)
c.The MTK imei last bit(15) corrected
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.61
Released on 30 October, 2009
a.Improved MTK Function
 (Reset to factory default and IMEI change powerful)
b.Cloned N97(MT6225_08A) etc New decrypt and Flash Method Added
c.Fix MT6228/MT6230/MT6235 Read/Flash bug under new version boot
d.MTK NVRAM backup and restore(BIN and TXT) supported
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.60
Released on 17 September, 2009
a.MTK6223 add new decrypt way
b.MTK6225/6226 LCD spy test
c.SC6600L_NOR CPU supported
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.56
Released on 18 August, 2009
a.MTK6235 CPU added!
b.MTK Support New Flash:
 (1) New NOR Flash
 [NUMONYX] M30L0T8060B0
 [NUMONYX] M36C0W5030T0
 [ESMT] FM91L03208UA
(2) New NAND Flash
 [PowerFlash] PF1GNEEDNAME
c.Speardtrum SC6600H2 support and
 fix the V0057000 NOR bugs
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.55
Released on 18 May, 2009
a.MTK6225/MTK6226/MTK6223 New V09 version decrypt
algo added!!!
b.MTK repair IMEI by META added!
C. box Firmware update to 2.54
Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.53
Released on 18 March, 2009
a.MTK & Spreadtrum Support New NOR Flash:
b.Spreadturm support SC6600H too

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.52
Released on 06 Feb, 2009
a.solve "sw auto close" plm when box sn >=40000
b.CDMA and Anyka-NAND-Read test
c.ADD new MTK flash ic support

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.51
Released on 10 December, 2008
a.MTK6225 "Bad Software" fixed
b.SpreadTrum SC6800_NAND supported
c.MTK6223 Add new Decryte algorithms
d.CDMA Platfrom beta tested!
SpiderMan_V2.51 (8738 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.49
Released on November first, 2008
a.Solved MTK6230(Clone iPhone) flash problem
b.MTK6225_2_IMEI change algo improved
c.MTK6223 Decryte algorithms improved
d.Spreadtrum Nor_Flash KAL5563CAM supported
SpiderMan_V2.49 (6458 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.48
Released on 23th September, 2008
a.Spreadtrum SC6600H(USB port) supported
b.NXP4904 supported including pinfind(Spreadtrum)
c.Fix infineon 7870/7880 flash algo
d.Box hardware update to V2.33
SpiderMan_V2.48 (6458 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.47
Released on 23th August, 2008
a.Inprove Spreadtrum boot.Test in C800+Z968
b.add "reserve NVRAM" while flash Spreadtrum phone
c.Spreadtrum NAND flash support code search code

SpiderMan_V2.47 (6189 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.462
Released on 4th August, 2008
   a.Infineon PMB7860/7870/7880 E-gold CPU supported! (Online_update_box will active 7880 pin_find)
   b.SpreadTrum Support new more Flash IC
   c.MTK 6225 add one new decrypt method
   d.Read Phone key by MTK unlock function

SpiderMan_V2.462 (6189 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.45
Released on 21th July, 2008
   a.MTK support [SAMSUNG] K5L3316CAM [SHARP] LRS18R phone
   b.SpreadTrum Fix some Flash supported problem
   c.SpreadTrum support IMEI rebuild(2IMEI support)

SpiderMan_V2.45 (6131 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.42+
Released on 30th June, 2008
   a.Fix 6228-132M(NAND) read bug
   b.Combine SC6600M/R read and bootloader
   c.Mtk_Res update.

SpiderMan_V2.42+ (5983 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.41
Released on 18th June, 2008
   a.USB_Pinfinder fix some bug
   b.MTK_many new flashand nand support!
   c.Auto save logs in program folder

SpiderMan_V2.41 (5854 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.40
Released on 6th June, 2008
   a.USB_Pinfinder realse
   b.MTK_many new flashand nand support!
   c.Speed up boot added

SpiderMan_V2.40 (5932 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.30
Released on 24th May, 2008
   a.Add spreadtrum cpu pinouts auto search.
    (insert one PCB board inside the box)

SpiderMan_V2.30 (5442 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.22
Released on 24th April, 2008
   a.MTK Supports new NOR Flash device
          [ST] M58WR064HU
          [ST] M58WR064HL
          [TOSHIBA] TV00560002EDGB
        [TOSHIBA] TV00560003EDGB
        [TOSHIBA] TY00670002APGN
        [INTEL] PF38F30xxM0x0xx
        [INTEL] PF38F30xxM0x1xx
        [SHARP] LRS18CK
        [AMIC] A82DL3228T
        [AMIC] A82DL3228U
        [AMIC] A82DL3238T
        [AMIC] A82DL3238U
        [AMIC] A82DL3248T
        [AMIC] A82DL3248U
        [SAMSUNG] K5L6331CAA
   b. MTK Supports new NAND Flash device
        [HYNIX] HY27UF082G2M

SpiderMan_V2.22 (4335 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.21
Released on 18th April, 2008
   a.Add more SC6600M-NOR flash support(Test in N82clone).
   b.echo on for file when flash and read.
   c.Other special MTK decrypt algo added.

SpiderMan_V2.21 (3575 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.20
Released on 24th March, 2008
   a.Add Spreadtrum-SC6600R(double-sim) read/write.
   b.Fix ADI boot.test with Pantech1400 and LG-G828.
   c.Fix Spreadtrum NAND full flash split error.

SpiderMan_V2.20 (3565 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.189
Released on 22th March, 2008
  a.Add Spreadtrum-SC6600R(double-sim) read/write.
  b.Fix ADI boot.test with Pantech1400 and LG-G828.

SpiderMan_V2.189 (3645 KB)

Spiderman BOX Update
Released on 18th March, 2008
  1.update spiderman box firmware
  2.repair "online_update_box" dead problem

Spiderman BOX update.rar (356 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.188
Released on 01th March, 2008
  a. MTK6227 new decrypt algo added!
  b. NAND file analysis bug fixed.

SpiderMan_V2.188 (3412 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.186
Released on 30th January, 2008
  a.Update MTK_Meta
  b.Add MTK Unlock

SpiderMan_V2.186 (3210 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.185
Released on 22th January, 2008
  1.Fox MTK decrypt algo(full solution) <6226 6225="" 6227="" 6230="" test="">
  2.MTK more detail
  3.Analysis flash file function added
  4.SpreadTrum add new Flash IC

SpiderMan_V2.185 (3215 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.184(Beta)
Released on 12th January, 2008
  a.Add "Reset to factory default" for MTK
  b.Speed up for MTK when download bootloader
  c.MTK_Res1.2 released

SpiderMan_V2.184(Beta) (3130 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.183
Released on 24th December, 2007
  a.ADD 2 new MTK decrypt method
  b.support so many new nand flash support for MTK&SPD

SpiderMan V2.183 (2503 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.182
Released on 17th December, 2007
 a.Support MT6226D MT6223P download.
b.Supports new NOR Flash device
[ST] M58WR016QT
[ST] M58WR016QB
[ST] M58WR032QT
[ST] M58WR032QB
[INTEL] PF38F60xxM0x0xx
[INTEL] PF38F60xxM0x1xx
[SPANSION] S29NS128J etc
c.fix some bug.

SpiderMan V2.182 (2490 KB)

SpiderMan mtk_Resource_Edit
Released on 17th December, 2007
  Change phone logo.ringtone.menu.frame.wallpaper.
SpiderMan_Mtk_Res.RAR (190.608 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.181
Released on 30th November, 2007
  a.Add new MT6225 Model.
SpiderMan V2.181 (2205 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.18
Released on 27th November, 2007
  a.Combine all MTK unprotected way in 2 item.
SpiderMan V2.18 (2207 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.172
Released on 21th November, 2007
  a.Speadtrum 6600M -NAND read/write (test)!
  b.Online to download flash files working
  c.Add MTK_Decryte method and Auto

SpiderMan V2.172 (2252 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.17
Released on 12th November, 2007
MTK6226 UID unproteced method 2 - 3 Added!
SpiderMan V2.17 (1529 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.162
Released on 03th November, 2007
Speadtrum 6600M -NOR read/write
SpiderMan V2.162 (2010 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.161
Released on 15th October, 2007
MTK6228 MTK6225 NOR/NAND read/write
SpiderMan V2.161 (15412 KB)

Complete Installer SpiderMan V2.16
Released on 10th September, 2007
SpiderMan V2.16 (2180 KB)....

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